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  "Integrity, Quality, Immutability and Social Responsibility" is our commitment.

We look forward to working with you for all of your stone business with our qualified products and services.  

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Congratulations on the launch of our new website

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Our company after a period of preparation, the site of production in can officially launched today, to strengthen publicity, improve the image of the company and the leadership of the company's support and guidance, by each related department office works closely with production site layout is more elegant, friendly, home page content more rich, column structure is more intuitive, also had the very big promotion system response speed. In addition, most of the production of this website is completed independently by the company's information technology department, and the maintenance and modification of the website will be more convenient in the future.


Welcome the company staff and customers to visit (URL: actively and put forward valuable Suggestions.


Site now still a little not perfect, but with the time, my company's website will be better and better, the product also will be more and more, all sites will also launch other projects, products are updated every day,

The website will launch the latest products of our company as soon as possible, so as to facilitate you to know the specific content of the products in time.